Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

Workplace Wellbeing SolutionsWorkplace Wellbeing SolutionsWorkplace Wellbeing Solutions

Creating thriving cultures by inspiring positive, transformational change.

Our Experience

For over 20 years, Cynthia Abbott has served in leadership and management positions for private, and public companies helping to facilitate positive transformation within her teams and organizations.  Passionate about improving workplace performance for the betterment of the organization and employees, Cynthia integrates both transformational consulting and coaching methods based on the science of positive psychology and wellbeing to maximize productivity and profitability. Key focus areas include focusing on creating thriving cultures through team performance, organizational communications, employee engagement, and workshops.  

Why Us?

Workplace wellbeing is key to a thriving culture—that’s why when it comes to working with clients I want to give the time and guidance you deserve to create lasting results. By working with me, you'll get the blueprint you need to create more resilient, higher-performing organizations for the long term. 

Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

  When a company incorporates a well-being program, employees feel better and they have healthy lifestyles. Employee morale, job satisfaction, and productivity are elevated and the overall mood and culture of the organization improve. This is called "The Employee Positivity Effect."

Instead of looking at well-being and wellness programs as a way to control employee-related expenses, successful companies have transformed their cultures into thriving workplaces that encourage employees to live healthier lives.